'The best business advice I ever got was .. Get a Coach'              
~ Eric Schmidt, Chairman Google 

How Coaching Works ? 
On the principle what Galileo said many centuries earlier  
- ' You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself '

Why Coaching Works ?
# Over time we develop limiting beliefs, that must go; so that we can continue to grow
# We tend to limit our thinking; restricting our actions and thus, results !
# We develop comfort zones, play within the boundary and staying safe 
# We base our decisions on these developed superficial perspectives
# Loose track of our dreams, values, strengths and aspirations 
# We dedicate ourselves to achieving material success
# Our thinking is colored by our experiences, expectations of others
# Our perception of what others think of us too color our acts & behavior

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Why Kindle Embers ? 

Kindle Embers, celebrates life;  Accent is on well-researched & documented coach techniques; 

building at heart an internal compass pointing north to an envisioned successful living; 

in personal-professional-life space; reaching the horizon in a healthy body, a perfect mind & a fine spirit !  

Kindle Embers, aspires to carve-out paths 

to lives-lived in near mastery to 

minds limitless capacities; 

> instilling right habits

> create avenues in personal excellence

> a few daily-rituals

> time-based reviews

> reach higher-awareness (self and others); 

> clarity & understanding 

(needs-wants & self-actualization)

> chiseling pathways to achieving goals

ICF, International Coach Federation - Survey
Individual Coaching 
80% Self-Confidence
72% Improved Relations
73% Comm. Skills
70% Work-Life Balance
Organizational ROI
51% Effective Teams
60% Time Mgmt
62% Business Mgmt
70% Work

Few of the pieces addressing the current needs of the industry in personal-professional,
wellness space.

Leadership Themes:
> Get Clarity, Engage Life
> Internal Compass-Horizon
> Chisel Success Blueprint

Avenues, Chiseled Paths - 

Coach Technique

Kindle Embers acknowledges differing needs of an individual, to a consortium !  

Well-researched programs, techniques  

designed to catalyst enhanced awareness; bringing a step closer to targeted endevours !


An awesome realization to what lies underneath one's thinking is essential to a meaningful living, possibilities. I have known earlier; now with clarity.. coaching ensures I am in the right direction - Ajay

I have always adored people who are great, the realization that I too can reach those heights ! 
 That's new to me.. - Nagarjuna


Blog Entries

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Nuggets & Resources

Find nuggets of information for practice, reference and application in day-to-day life !

None of the researched-elicited super-computers stand in competition to superbly 

efficient human mind. Science insofar, 

has accessed only about a minuscule 2% of 

capacities in comparison ! 

With such an unique personal power 

at our disposal, humans are scruffily doing 

great at merely existing. 

Sapna Sudarshana

Kindle Embers, Coach

Kindle Embers, aspires to be beneficial in the least, stimulating at its highest !

Sapna believes humans are most endowed lives, enabled to discern thoughts & feelings and 

create a life-living attuned at excellence ! 

With over a decade of experience in working with people from diverse cultures & backgrounds; a globalized-local environment of IT - understanding-reveling-experimenting the most-sought german-engineering to that of localized-global servicing of a behemoth.

Being earnest, she has maintained a studied curiosity in human endeavors; since the time she experimented - ordering her mind to wake her up early in the morning without an alarm-clock to aid; a mere 7 year old ! 

Certifications & Coach Structure:
> ICF Coach Model
Grow More Coach 
> Certified Trainer, NABET
> Soft Skills, Scottish Qualification Authority
> Image Management