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Ways to Keep Going, and Achieve your Goals

Posted on 17 June, 2016 at 2:10 Comments comments (28)

Now, we have written our goals but still have to put that to action!

One of the ways of the old, though certainly not in the way it works. Rule of 21 days., it is surprising of how I came across this without the real understanding but I was silently following it to either change an act of mine or engrain an new habit in place of an old. Personally, I was following it for 2+ weeks, about 20 days; in my mind it was always 2 weeks (you are there already), another 3-4 days (achieved, am there!) and 2 days more was bound to follow (half out of habit and half out of the passion to achieve that change in me!)

Being passionate to changing the ways on approaching or any particulars of each behaviour / activity I would come across, I used to apply this concept of following on it, being on top of it and, working on it in my teenage and somehow muster enough will to push past 2 weeks on it and just a little-bit more. It had somehow been my approach, if I wanted to change anything in my purview.

Until someone in my early years of my career in the IT pointed it out, 'what was followed by me, was close to the well-accepted standard of the 21 day rule'. Few changes that I made to perform on myself, in these 2 week-plus time is here.


1. Write what is the one thing that you want to change, Visualize

Written well on paper / or in your mind's eye, imagine what you would be at the end of 2 weeks successfully achieving that spot of success, change in behaviour could be like: give yourself an hour of reading time and/or, a brisk run in nature, getting your hands dirty in your garden or making your own special dish once-twice a week.


2. Get your act together, Plan for your new goal

Now that you need to achieve this change in you, you need to plan your time allocation to it. This half to one hour / day will take some effort from you in the way of planning your other activities along and getting the new one incorporated to your timeline. Making arrangements well ahead of time keeps you occupied in the vision you have for yourself at the end of 2+ week.


3. Any change / vision close to heart gets you act on it, Act

A change that has been close to what you have been wanting from yourself for years (passionate cause) gets you have bursts of energy no matter where you are and what you are engaged in. Use this passion of energy to help you getting things aligned with inclusive planning for your new goal.


4. Be on top of it.

Re-organize your way to achieving goals, exercise differential methods while you keep working on the changes that you have planned while you watch yourself how you have been doing them.

Question yourself, is there is a better way to achieve it? a quicker method to tweak the game and reach there, early? No matter how you have bettered your skill, there would be yet another method to reach there, use it to your advantage. Like, you have been getting your work aligned to have twice a week special dish / time with family, try to accommodate more work into lunch time by reducing it to half or getting challenging-number crunching work early in the day to ease out evenings.


5. Enjoy your Journey, trail-make your way to achieving your goals

Once you have adapted the behaviours or activities with your experimentation, you will invariably come across more than one way of achieving your goals within allocated time. All you need is to keep going! Once you know, you can spend an evening with family try to change that to work on yourself in the area of interest to work like learning a skill related technology upkeep or just work on the personal goal of putting half hour in your garden.


Visualize, Plan, Act and Differential Methods may seem to be straight out of PDCA or Experiential Learnings, but they work each time when implemented albeit if you are passionate and are ready for the changes that come with it.

I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep -- Robert Frost



If you are facing challenges with the building of habits that launch you to your success path, connect with me for an exploratory session to gain better clarity!


Write Goals that Work for You

Posted on 14 June, 2016 at 2:50 Comments comments (0)


Yes, write them down ! Getting the pencil to paper is no doubt burdensome in the era of smartphones it is worth the small pain it creates. Pencil to the paper, works wonders with your mind. Recent research in Cognitive Science, has found that the part of the brain that is wired to focus on the present moment gets activated as you move your fingers and engage your thoughts at the same time. This focusing of the mind triggers it to keep track of the whatever you write to tracked down at all waking times., use this science to help you reach your goals.

Apart from the mind trick, a few more check makes the written down goals worthy and meaningful to you as you go out and achieve them.

Five things to check when you set yourself to succeeding at a goal.

1. Know what is it that you are after in this life?!

Fame & success, happy family, a person making a difference with possible means? At what pace do you want to achieve it, how would set yourself going at it. It is good to know the particulars.

2. Personal Value, what is the one thing within you that you can bring out into the world. Which is that one talent / skill, hobby that makes tremendous change if brought out in the world?

3. Be in the present, whatever that you plan for as a goal to work towards for in the coming days and months / years; ensure that you are rooted in the present day today this day, this moment. Does the goal make sense to you this day? Yes, go ahead!

4. Be Positive, write down positive goals that bring in an earlier unseen bubbling positive energy within you, which enables you to get ahead in achieving it.

5. You are smart, now incorporate that smartness to your goals!

Work on making the SMART acronym work for you; your goals are specifically talking about clear achievement, you are able to measure that little bit of change occurring in time with your efforts. Goals are to be achieved, but ensure to keep it flexible enough to accommodate the world around you without changing its essence

I did mention I would carry a blog about the ways to create goals that work (goals, you are bound to make them a reality). What is the success ingredient to making goals that you are ready to comply with? Which ones work and why some never take off the ground, however much you try and change them?


Never forget that the goals that have not seen the light of the day, may just needing some polishing with this,

'It is not the road ahead that wears you out -- it is the grain of sand in your shoe - an Arabian Proverb'


If you do need some information connect with me, for an exploratory session.

4 things you need to do to separate work and social-life

Posted on 3 June, 2016 at 3:45 Comments comments (0)

With the France bill coming up and intiates to stop emails after work; research gets us to take ample action on poor management and leadership rather than technology as the mainstay of working long hours, and not able to switch off from the network!

Inspite of the relevance of Bill to cut down on stress and create balance, implemented or not - each person would want to put in a set of measures to take heed and course correct self, already being nudged by ever-more challenging situations at work or any other facet !

Few are to work in the circumstances, without the needed smart work around managing self, here are some.

I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking ~ Albert Einstein

# Mental Mapping

Keeping our thinking sorted in a level on mental maps, that are already placed in our heads (creating them would require you to have buckets /baskets placed in different spaces as left for work and right for life-all things social); do this not only begets clarity, but also the method and mode to do what is next in on the agenda.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often ~ Winston Churchill

# Revisit

Akin to moment-to-moment visits in your thoughts each, every time you take up on some work in which ever the area is about. Take note of:

1. what is the activity that you are about to take up

2. how this is going to affect you in all facets of life ( work-job, work-satisfaction, success )

3. in which bucket are you ?

4. how would this affect the other bucket (work and life)

An awareness to this level is enough to keep you even-minded about what you expect of yourself!

Unless commitment is made; there are only promises and hopes - but no plans! ~ Peter Drucker

# TO-DO Lists / Goals List

Assuming each has one or we need to create one (how to - more on this one in the next blog) and sorting them accordingly to either buckets (work and social-life) now writing them every once in a while actually helps sort them out (suggest, do this twice / week)!


"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." ~ Johann von Goethe

# Schedule 'Me Time'

To visit the Goals List and Bucket List each week at least twice and keep making corrections as you re-write them in a new sheet !


Follow these few steps to getting clarity to where you are planning to be going vs. having clarity onto where your actual route is taking you!?