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4 things you need to do to separate work and social-life

Posted on 3 June, 2016 at 3:45 Comments comments (0)

With the France bill coming up and intiates to stop emails after work; research gets us to take ample action on poor management and leadership rather than technology as the mainstay of working long hours, and not able to switch off from the network!

Inspite of the relevance of Bill to cut down on stress and create balance, implemented or not - each person w...

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Manage Your Stress

Posted on 27 May, 2016 at 7:25 Comments comments (0)


Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and doing more is not helping, you are probably stressed, you would need to take a step back putting things to perspective!

Understand Stress, when however much you out-do yourself things and assume everything would be just fine, instead of getting better the status-quo remains and things are not becoming easier; know that you are uphill; a constant running the ground in such an environment only aggravates you. A few techniques that you...

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Complain, giving away your Power & Possibilities

Posted on 20 May, 2016 at 4:20 Comments comments (0)

An individual can find much to change about her/himself with little tweaks to thinking, one of them: is Complain, and give your control on your life to others ( people - circumstances - thinking modalities )

Yes, complaining is to give away your power, your action to the situation / or another person; while stating your viewpoints, albeit negative outlook on the situation; your personal individual contribution to either yourself or the immediate environment, the change that could have b...

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