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Manage Your Stress

Posted on 27 May, 2016 at 7:25 Comments comments (0)


Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and doing more is not helping, you are probably stressed, you would need to take a step back putting things to perspective!

Understand Stress, when however much you out-do yourself things and assume everything would be just fine, instead of getting better the status-quo remains and things are not becoming easier; know that you are uphill; a constant running the ground in such an environment only aggravates you. A few techniques that you could bank upon to release the stress out of yourself making you even-keeled, which I have personally understood and experimented with, insofar:

# You lose your sense of self - find a way back to comfort feel of you; a few of those I recollect here as examples to:

(1) Be in your skin, when you look around, if your body temperature or the surrounding feels too hot, ensure you drink loads of water, keeping yourself hydrated

(2) Go out and breathe-in some fresh air / nature

(3) If unable to go out, wash face & hands (if possible, legs too) with cold water, nature again!

These simple acts reduces nervousness and get things to balance putting in charge over circumstances and perspectives

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better -- Albert Einstein


# Idea of You, life as you know it is changed / lost! (is identifiable - when you start to question status-quo in your mind) Most you could do in this situation to bring back the balance of outside perspective to inner understanding, things to do:

(1) Go to a place, where you are not disturbed and you could give yourself some ‘me time’

(2) When in the ‘me time’ ensure not to think about the challenges you have but just the environment and you

(3) Better still, indulge in your hobby/favorite pass-time ( NO TV, though ) spending atleast 10 minutes in the activity (put a timer, if time-crunched)

(4) If unable to take the matter out of your head, another activity you could do is, write down that is bothering / exhausting you!

(5) Draw out characters or doodle or sketch it (art works as I do it, when unable to write!)

Being with yourself gets semblance to your perspective!

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders -- Chuang Tzu

When you change your environment, you leave the place of ambiguity and allow clarity to come in; getting you a handle on your circumstances and especially, your perspectives which is the essential base idea of you (and your world, in your mind)!


Complain, giving away your Power & Possibilities

Posted on 20 May, 2016 at 4:20 Comments comments (0)

An individual can find much to change about her/himself with little tweaks to thinking, one of them: is Complain, and give your control on your life to others ( people - circumstances - thinking modalities )

Yes, complaining is to give away your power, your action to the situation / or another person; while stating your viewpoints, albeit negative outlook on the situation; your personal individual contribution to either yourself or the immediate environment, the change that could have been experimented with has changed to expectation, from other people or from the environment or the circumstances !


In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity -- Albert Einstein


A change that you personally could make, with a few nicks & ticks to better lives lived, being:

# a mindset to count 10 / deep-breath before 'a reaction or a response' from self

# anything that crosses your mind, keep observing rather than to keep adding to the circumstance - behavior - negative / positive outcomes / outlooks .. ( counting / deep breathing helps !)

# your next thought that crops-up, just observe than being carried away with the moment ..


Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding -- Khalil Gibran


Now that, you become aware of your own thinking, becoming positive - negative - stating to complain - possibilities to situational circumstances ( & the actual giving away your power ) is within your reach.. !

Clarity to what you Communicate!

Posted on 9 May, 2016 at 6:05 Comments comments (0)

Communication starts as a child while having no control over our environment & dependent on care-givers for necessary lifeline! What we communicate at the life-stage are basic existential needs; this communication gets refined to repetition of likes and less of dislikes with a particular understanding of becoming aware of ourselves as separate entities; as a toddler to about 5 years; how much of liberty we take to own our environment or vice versa ( the environment in control !)


As we grow (4-7), we come across our personal inhibitions / sensitivities / (dis) likes that either stops or aids in our communication with the immediate outside world; our realization of us as separate entities - the environment shapes our characteristic response / act / react system; which leave us with initial imprints; that we follow, to this day as adults!


Now, within the child, how we comprehend the environment, what we make of it; gets deciphered with a level of understanding & intelligence (emotional, included) is a stimuli from within that determines how we assess, understand, change the situation or ourselves, as the need.


An environment, nurturing or otherwise makes us who we are today; a hard-nut to break-in and make changes at this hour, the present day & reality, this day!


A journey thus started, programming our minds without a second thought; of how we perceive ourselves as, of how & when do we chose to either act / react & change the environment to our liking, whatever extent that is possible; coaching addresses this particular moment of our registering the stimuli and the time-lapse until we decide to either to respond or bring forth a traditional reaction, with a lot of awareness of self, situation and how we decide to handle the particular state of affairs!


Communication as a tool, starts with our thinking and perceiving of our realities, make the necessitate change with coaching on a personal note or any other equivalents to mark your presence!