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Self-Dialogue & Self-Actualization

Posted on 22 December, 2015 at 7:00

We have an inner-dialogue going when we are driving, walking to work, working at office; at simple daily-chore, making a dish or even while reading an article; monotonous and known!

Does not require effort from you to be ‘present-moment’ aware!

Work produce is normal, on expected lines, creating the same result after result; no additional effort nor an experimented evidence of improved version.

Understand mind's double-work; our efforts are at diverted-ends; while focus is on the work-ONE; we have a simultaneous train of thought that either origins from same work; runs parallel; could be work-centered OR tangential to the work!

A step further, becoming alert - of two-fold situational existence; our responsiveness to twin-thoughts acknowledgment gets us back re-focused on work at hand; and this is where - the work results explode!

While giving complete focus, there is an awareness that a particular path in the work-process could be done in another way OR it would need to do 2-little steps more but on-the-whole reduces efforts by over an hour!

Either there is an evolvement-situational or of the work-process; an excellent execution of work-at-hand and doing more in little time - achieved!

Tie all these to your achievement of a goal worthy of living - Each moment, each action and the effort in the direction with complete focus to it, being aware of minute distractions towards or tangential to the goal; setting stage is to being on the path of making little steps towards the goal of self-actualization or of making a life - living out of a choice, chosen in complete attention - Focus!


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