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Barriers as Catalysts

Posted on 11 February, 2016 at 5:10


All set, I have this goal to accomplish; with a work strategy, not be tied down by fiascos; complete plan of self, activities; all lined up to the goal. Thorough, resolute, a couple or more hiccups too get neatly planned, all to be surmounted! Challenges being diverse get easily engaged, resolved early; if one comes about roughly in-frequent; diligence planning covers for fine pointers enclosed at to mending my ways and/or re-design of actions & activities.



Near complete course-corrections, and onward to my aim; back in the flow of things.


Infrequent as the challenges are, one task tends to re-appear in couple and some more outfits?! Working about, around; this one meanders it way to the top; Exhausted, I think to drop the ball, the goal.., my super-planned work; built-with much love and intricate detailing!


No more experimenting with possibilities, workable re-solutions; slowly the goal becomes my shut case; challenge remains stuck, unresolvable; after numerous attempts at new angles-perspectives of why, how & what stops?


A harbinger of changes - is ideally, at an indispensable self-identity or a thought lived-insofar; as we work on ourselves in achievement of a goal, a rough face of the diamond comes up that requires a leap!

The thought-identity of self is ready for next level of growth, if the goal is to be achieved; an essential step to onward journey!

Approaches to experiment with, while sitting on something that is as high or nigh:


1. What is that one-two things, which you could make (this week/fortnight) to demonstrate your commitment to your goal/s?


2. What are you assuming on, in the situation?


3. Very real and might be of much re-work, what percentage of control you have over the outcome?




Write them down, the responses will hit on possibilities un-foreseen earlier!
Go through the list again, make note on the thoughts; there is bound to be one coming up with workable outcomes, with some effort..


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