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Posted on 8 March, 2016 at 7:25

Each of us, has had moments that are a daily-grind; between travel to work, collating reports-status reports or cleaning up dinner; an activity familiar and monotonous, a work with method and process outlined; we know - what are the essentials, what comes next, where it goes; all acquainted and we do get complacent at giving it our full attention and focus!

Yes, we go through them without a second-thought; even when we are reading this piece, it is on-going; a silent and yet a very present, thought-line; either re-collecting, day-dreaming or pre-planning an event - we give ourselves mediocre or less-average marks against each of the acts for that day or a reminder to work at-hand.. what we tell ourselves repeatedly keeps the essence of us intact either advances or harms us with negative-feedback-trial-feedback loop; surmise the need to certify the feed is of high-quality!

Undoubtedly, having travelled far from the less-than-glad person recognized from earlier student or even first-job days; recall how long the far the journey has been insofar, rather than the future journey; an, yet-to-mark accomplishment!

Here and now, we criticize ourselves on the job not-done well; chastising an activity, a behavior; stepping-back and holding self in a neutral and impersonal state of existence, we discount ourselves an understanding from your own self!

Experiment a few things, discern avidly and watch the journey, becoming assertive, the most graceful person in all transactions and dynamic circumstances!


> Keep-aside certain amount of time for essential reading about 30 mnts (anything at the back of your mind or just work-related matter, yes)

> Take time to breathe-in feel and your gut with oxygen; about 5-10 full breaths

> Have a note of how you plan to occupy your day with; work-social-party-tech (tech, dance-a walk-active sport-music-just sketching)

> A write-up, could be daily-journaling or something on your recent behavior, 2-3 times-a-week!

> A once-a-week-ritual of your preferred haven..

You are all unto becoming a success-in-progress person from the earlier self-demeaning behavior!


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