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Clarity to what you Communicate!

Posted on 9 May, 2016 at 6:05

Communication starts as a child while having no control over our environment & dependent on care-givers for necessary lifeline! What we communicate at the life-stage are basic existential needs; this communication gets refined to repetition of likes and less of dislikes with a particular understanding of becoming aware of ourselves as separate entities; as a toddler to about 5 years; how much of liberty we take to own our environment or vice versa ( the environment in control !)


As we grow (4-7), we come across our personal inhibitions / sensitivities / (dis) likes that either stops or aids in our communication with the immediate outside world; our realization of us as separate entities - the environment shapes our characteristic response / act / react system; which leave us with initial imprints; that we follow, to this day as adults!


Now, within the child, how we comprehend the environment, what we make of it; gets deciphered with a level of understanding & intelligence (emotional, included) is a stimuli from within that determines how we assess, understand, change the situation or ourselves, as the need.


An environment, nurturing or otherwise makes us who we are today; a hard-nut to break-in and make changes at this hour, the present day & reality, this day!


A journey thus started, programming our minds without a second thought; of how we perceive ourselves as, of how & when do we chose to either act / react & change the environment to our liking, whatever extent that is possible; coaching addresses this particular moment of our registering the stimuli and the time-lapse until we decide to either to respond or bring forth a traditional reaction, with a lot of awareness of self, situation and how we decide to handle the particular state of affairs!


Communication as a tool, starts with our thinking and perceiving of our realities, make the necessitate change with coaching on a personal note or any other equivalents to mark your presence!

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