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Write Goals that Work for You

Posted on 14 June, 2016 at 2:50


Yes, write them down ! Getting the pencil to paper is no doubt burdensome in the era of smartphones it is worth the small pain it creates. Pencil to the paper, works wonders with your mind. Recent research in Cognitive Science, has found that the part of the brain that is wired to focus on the present moment gets activated as you move your fingers and engage your thoughts at the same time. This focusing of the mind triggers it to keep track of the whatever you write to tracked down at all waking times., use this science to help you reach your goals.

Apart from the mind trick, a few more check makes the written down goals worthy and meaningful to you as you go out and achieve them.

Five things to check when you set yourself to succeeding at a goal.

1. Know what is it that you are after in this life?!

Fame & success, happy family, a person making a difference with possible means? At what pace do you want to achieve it, how would set yourself going at it. It is good to know the particulars.

2. Personal Value, what is the one thing within you that you can bring out into the world. Which is that one talent / skill, hobby that makes tremendous change if brought out in the world?

3. Be in the present, whatever that you plan for as a goal to work towards for in the coming days and months / years; ensure that you are rooted in the present day today this day, this moment. Does the goal make sense to you this day? Yes, go ahead!

4. Be Positive, write down positive goals that bring in an earlier unseen bubbling positive energy within you, which enables you to get ahead in achieving it.

5. You are smart, now incorporate that smartness to your goals!

Work on making the SMART acronym work for you; your goals are specifically talking about clear achievement, you are able to measure that little bit of change occurring in time with your efforts. Goals are to be achieved, but ensure to keep it flexible enough to accommodate the world around you without changing its essence

I did mention I would carry a blog about the ways to create goals that work (goals, you are bound to make them a reality). What is the success ingredient to making goals that you are ready to comply with? Which ones work and why some never take off the ground, however much you try and change them?


Never forget that the goals that have not seen the light of the day, may just needing some polishing with this,

'It is not the road ahead that wears you out -- it is the grain of sand in your shoe - an Arabian Proverb'


If you do need some information connect with me, for an exploratory session.

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