Coach Technique

Kindle Embers places unique Coach Techniques of embodied listening, intuitive understanding and ample mapping of Whole-Brain model; the structure opens-up path-ways connecting the dots between the right intuitive wiz to the left intellectual wit; the process weaves through and enjoins previously unknown avenues and solutions !

Coach Technique is an intellect-intuit structure - aids an individual find his/her own original answers; 
a simple key to current challenging times is lying just below the human perceptual clarity; Coach technique builds awareness; catalysed to an improved self-understanding, unleashing a masterful persona !!

Personal Leadership Series

Kindle Embers aides inferring strengths, manages the not-so great traits by helping to achieve existing / familiar goals to a Personal Leadership Excellence.

Recommended :

  • Personal Mastery
  • Brand & YOU
  • Chiseled Internal Compass
  • Steps2Success Blueprint
  • Wellness Series

Personal Coaching numbers have been increasing on an yearly basis; 

Results of coaching on an individual level,  research shows to 96% overall increase Effective People; 80% in Self-Confidence, 73% Improved Relationships and Communication Skills and 70% Work-Life Balance !

Leadership, Corporates - Consortiums

Kindle Embers facilitates Group and Executive Leadership Coaching. 

Intended line-ups:

  • Brand Corporate
  • Best Buddies Team
  • Corporate Success Blueprint
  • Engaged Employee-Executive
  • Corporate Wellness Series 
  • Value Strategies
  • Chiseled Compass to Horizon

Documented evidences exist where coaching has generated much interest to be inculcated as an organizational practice - Executive Coaching ROI has been measured overall for 

51% Effective Teams an60% Time Management, 60% Business Management and 70% Work Performance !

Wellth & Wellness

Structured principles and regimen get the human mind active to the extent of assuring Creative Living; leading into Innovative Practices;  Unleashing an epic life ! 


  • Mind-Body Connect
  • Being Aware
  • Create&Innovate
  • Discipline-Diligence
  • Clarity, Confidence, Conscious

Research has proven track-record and each time found to be worthy of inculcating .. !

Scientists-Innovators & Researchers-Artists work in the "Present-NOW aware-moments" while 
working on an idea or researching a mechanism; essentially they tap into the flow of moment; 
a split-second access to past info-experience; leading into experimental application insofar .. and Lo ! 

EPICs - Legends

A small-little step in self-discovery; and a precursor to a rippling effect in all aspects of living and life ..!

Coach Technique is not about advising or mentoring, or even about enhancing a particular skill, ability or talent; working as feed-forward, moves YOU/your aspirations a step closer to Successful Lives and Essential Living ..!

Engagement Program Guide:
  • Envisioned Successful YOU 
  • Unique Product-Value > Concept-Invent 
  • Action Blue-Print > Timed Enterprise-Effort
  • Trail-Blaze Social-Techno Engagement 
  • Unleash EPIC Story !

Kindle Embers challenges status-quo; welcomes you to expand your horizons !  


Kindle Embers Coach Technique
applies to wide spectrum of life engagement !

  • Personal Excellence 
  • Success Blueprint
  • Intuit-Intellect
  • Create-Innovate 
  • Parenting Challenges 
  • Financial Avenues
  • Weight-Wellness Management
  • Spiritual Questions

Each area has an evidence of research-linked to real outcomes ..